Friday, May 25, 2012

The Wild Running Horses

This was a story I had written 2 years ago.  The first year we lived in Montana.  I dedicate this story to my Aunt Katy, Nana Darci, And Dart you will be in my heart forever.


Hi I'm Gabrielle and here's my story...
One day my mom was driving my brothers,sisters and I to  Montana
when I spotted a wild heard of horses through my window.
A black stallion with a white diamond on it's forehead  was galloping
right next to me.  "Mom  please stop the car!" I exclaimed.  I began to
open my door before the car even stopped.  I  walked calmly but also excitedly  forwards the horses.  They all came to me,even the stallion.  As I was petting them  I started to feel funny.  I grew very tall and my hands and feet were on the ground .  My head was so heavy. As I looked around I also spotted I  had hooves & a tail!
I called to my mom but all that came out was "Neh...Neh."  I was a horse!  I ran with the wild heard to the field  where we grazed.  I experienced real horse play.  I laid down in the grassy field to nap but when I woke up,I was back in my car gazing at the wild heard in the distance.  My mom asked " Did you have a good nap?" I said "Mom you didn't just see me turn into a horse?" ,she said "What in the world are you talking about?"  I explained the day and she just said that it was just a dream and absolutely NOTHING like that would ever happen.   Some might not believe this happened.  But I know for one day I was a horse.

Neh... Neh
or as they say in the human world
The End