Tuesday, May 29, 2012

My Kiss

I grew up as a little girl with the story of The Princess and the Kiss.  I is a story on how god gave us our kiss to cherish and love while we wait for our husband.  This was my favorite story.  It tells about a princess that had saved her kiss for her husband, but while she was finding him many suitors came wanting her hand in marrige.  They came with many gifts, treasures, ability's but were only into themselves.  She turned them down because they didn't love her.  One day though a farm boy came up to her and said he had been watching her and saw that she did not flirt with other men and saw that she was pure in all ways.  He had saved his kiss for her also!  I am going to save my first kiss for my husband :)  I also believe even a first kiss should be kept safe and cherished...Although I cheat on the rule with my brothers...They are so cute!!  But I will save my first REAL kiss for my husband.  I loved this story when I was a girl and mow have passed down the book to my little sisters.  Also they have a book for boys called The Squire and the Scroll that teaches boy to be men :)


  1. Oh how wonderful! You will never regret saving your first kiss... you will only have regrets if you do not. I hope that one day my daughters and son will make this same commitment. In fact, I have put off purchasing those books and I think I am going to have to buy them now. ;)

  2. YAY!! We have both... which I LOVE! I love to know that I am saving something special for my husband. <3 Gabby