Tuesday, November 8, 2011


I am Back!!  Hope you missed me :)  Haha LOL wink wink :)  I am twelve now and ready to take on the world!!  I was just thinking how would it fell to have no family that was either dead or didn't want you :(  You were all alone and didn't have anywhere to go...  I would hate that.  Right now I am enjoy in a couple big slices of pizza and there are kids in orphanages  that dont hardly have anything to eat :(  Pretty sad... So I was thinking this holiday season that I would look up an orphanage in russia(cause it get pretty cold there and send them as many hats as they need :)  So If you would like a hat please talk to my mom and ask about buying a hat...  Every hat you buy another hat will be sent to an orphan (as a christmas present) that has nothing with a card transalated into there language that talk about Jesus's  birth and that he loves the little children :)  Newborn hats are :$3.50;  Infants are :$4.50 ;  Kids are : $6.00 and Adults are :$7.50 + $5 shipping and handling.  Thans so much for reading this -Gabby

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