Sunday, March 14, 2010

My life

Hi I am Gabrielle(from left to right)Sophie(2) Antie Kiki (Rikki 29) me(10) mom(30) Isabelle(5) Abraham(9) Ezra(6)We love to have fun.
This is Canaan he was born 8weeks early and had to have a full blood transfusion when he was born. He is a miracle baby and we love him . He is on oxygen and SO handsome . He is the most cutest baby i've ever seen . I know God loves him sooo much . He has a mission on the earth .


  1. I love your pictures. I bet you are a huge help to your Momma and I love that new baby brother of yours. You are going to love taking care of him and playing with him.

  2. Yes I am I'm exited ,